Heather Gutierrez ADMITS shes a thief!

In an unexpected turn of eventsTHIEF! HEATHER GUTIERREZ has admitted to cashing out and stealing her 83 year old grandmother’s $46,000 annuity.  HEATHER GUTIERREZ admitted to the Judge in a written report from Violet’s attorney that she cashed in the annuity and spent all the money, effectively wiping out Violet’s entire life savings! In February 2016, the court investigator interviewed HEATHER GUTIERREZ at Violet’s home. On page 5 of his report Heather stated that “There is an annuity account which was $30,000 one year ago”, yet bank statements prove Heather Gutierrez cashed out the annuity in May 2015, and it wasn’t $30,000 it was $46,000. On page 5 of the court investigators report HEATHER GUTIERREZ claimed to be receiving  $525 a month in ‘unemployment’  and $369 in food stamps all while spending thousands of dollars every month  that she stole from her grandmother. WELFARE FRAUD is a CRIME! She should be prosecuted. She has lied to the court investigator, and the judge over and over again. When will it end?

HEATHER GUTIERREZ not only cashed out and spent all the money  from the annuity, her 83 year old grandmother is left with the tax bill and no way to pay it.  Add that to the other list of CRIMES Heather Gutierrez has committed against her grandmother including financing a car in her grandmother’s name, driving it on a suspended license and then wrecking the car, with no insurance on it has left Violet owing a $15,000 bill to the dealership. HEATHER GUTIERREZ also maxed out her grandmother’s credit cards, forging her signature, leaving this 83 year old woman with dementia on the hook to pay $50,000 in credit card debt. Is their liens against Violet’s home? How many creditors are there? How many credit cards has Heather taken out in her grandmother’s name? Loans? How extensive is the theft!  The Judge in this case has no idea yet won’t do anything to find out.

HEATHER GUTIERREZ is guilty of elder abuse, financial elder abuse, welfare fraud, grand theft, and more. HEATHER GUTIERREZ should be in jail!

The ABUSE continues to get worse.  On Christmas Day, Violet was found home alone with no food in the house, sitting in dirty clothing that smelled. On Christmas Day it was AGAIN noted that Violet’s personal belongings, collectables such as carnival glass, vintage dishes,  things of value that she had, are gone! Not only has HEATHER GUTIERREZ robbed her of all her money, she is continuing to victimize Violet by stealing the only possessions she has left.  Anything she wanted her children to have are gone and family court is doing NOTHING to stop the abuse!

HEATHER GUTIERREZ has convinced Violet to make her the executor of her will! The money and her possessions were not enough for HEATHER, she wants the house too!

The Judge in this case is allowing Heather to continue living in the home, because Violet has been brainwashed into thinking that no one else cares about her, that all her children want is her money. That is a laughable statement coming from a thief. The money is already gone,  but HEATHER GUTIERREZ has Violet convinced the annuity and all the cash she had in her bank accounts is still there!  Heather Gutierrez lies to Violet about her children, she has ruined relationships with the lies she tells. Violet believes Heather.

Violet is a frail 83 year old woman with dementia, very easily influenced and controlled. The family is doing all they can to convince the Judge to remove HEATHER GUTIERREZ from the home.




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