Heather Gutierrez is a thief!

As of June 2016, the tally on the money stolen from Vilot is over $102,000. Heather Gutierrez not only stole $102,000 from an 82 year old woman with dementia, she also maxed out her credit cards. One credit is maxed out at more then $14,000. Hundreds of dollars were spent at drug paraphernalia shops and liquor stores. She went on shopping sprees at Macy’s, GUESS, Old Navy, Tilly and Sephora. On one credit card heather spent $ 40.00 at Life Answers.com having her numbers read. She charged Vilot’s credit card $585 for a lien enforcement in San Jose. Heather went on vacation to Six Flagg’s Magic Mountain, stayed at a nice hotel, went to the beach, out to eat, bought things for herself, and charged it all to Vilot’s credit card. She charged several thousand dollars to Vilot’s credit card at several Home Depot‘s. In fact there is a charge for $2,158.00 on her credit card statement, along with an invoice from Tarlton Estate and Asset Management. Heather’s brother, Kirby Aaron Chambless married Tamra Tarlton. Tarlton Estate and Asset Management is owned by Tamra’s father. The amount of lumber, corrugated metal roofing panels, and other things charged to Violet’s credit card and through Tarlton Estate and Asset Management, itemized are more then what would be needed to do a small roofing job. Why was so much material purchased? The Tarlton invoice claims a $189.00 worm drive saw was charged to Vilot’s credit card too. Where is it? Who has it? Where are the other items charged to Vilot’s credit card from Home Depot? They seem to have vanished, if they were ever purchased for Violet to begin with. There are literally thousands of dollars in purchases from Home Depot, on Violet’s bank and credit card statements. One purchase statement shows Heather spent several hundred dollars on “fairy garden supplies”.

Conservatorship for Vilot was filed in Superior court, along with a declaration outlining the need for it, including theft, gang activity, drugs, underage drinking, etc. The Judge immediately took control of Violet’s money away from Heather and appointed a court investigator to get all the facts and report back to the judge. The conservatorship of the estate was granted and the conservator was able to secure the remaining money. The conservator was able to close Vilot’s bank accounts that Heather illegally added her name to, and stop the theft of money. (Heather had Violet sign Power of Attorney over to Heather 3 years after being diagnosed with dementia. Heather had her high school friend Jennifer Ellerd who works as a paralegal for an attorney in Tracy, go to Violet’s house and sign this form without anyone else in the family knowing except Heather’s brother Kirby.) Heather openly defied a court order stating she was not allowed to touch any of Vilot’s money. She went on a shopping spree, writing checks, and withdrawing cash from an ATM. As the accounts were being closed multiple transactions were hitting them. One account had been overdrawn by several hundred dollars. Leaving Violet to pay the overdraft fee’s. The bank manager rejected some of the transactions, meaning checks that were written by Heather on Vilot’s checking account were left to bounce. In all the conservator was able to secure a few thousand dollars. It was all she has left. Her entire life savings was stolen by Heather Gutierrez.

The court investigator produced 2 lengthy reports, finding that the declaration to support the conservatorship was true and correct. He also found Heather lied to him many times. The reports verifies that the money was stolen and that Violet’s credit cards were maxed out. The investigator determined over $102,000 in cash was stolen from Violet.

Eventually the conservator was replaced with a Payee. The Payee is responsible for ensuring Violet has food and all her bills are taken care of. Heather Gutierrez is living in Violet’s house rent free and has not worked in years. She contributes nothing to the household and is living off this frail 82 year old woman’s social security after stealing all of her money and placing her $50,000 in debt. Heather has forced her grandmother into financial ruin. Heather claims that she was drawing unemployment during this entire time. She hadn’t worked in years but was drawing unemployment checks? Heather was also receiving $360.00 a month in food stamps. After the theft was discovered she told everyone she had been paying herself $1100.00 a month to care for Violet, but she wasn’t reporting it to Social Services or Unemployment. If you make $1100 a month you don’t qualify for $360.00 in food stamps and you don’t qualify for $500.00 a month in unemployment. During this period of time she was stealing tens of thousands of dollars from Violet and using her credit cards freely while defrauding The Department of Social Services and the Employment Development Department.

What makes things even worse is the fact that the Payee wants to sell Violet’s house and put her in a home, because Heather refuses to move out of Violet’s house! Heather would rather see her Grandmother lose her home then to move out. Heather claims to be the only one that loves her grandmother, yet she’s willing to let her grandmother be placed in a home rather then do the right thing by moving out! Violet’s personal belongings are still disappearing. Her collection of carnival glass is missing, along with other collectibles. Items that were in the home several months ago. Heather is continuing to steal from her grandmother!

In a declaration to the judge family members asked that Heather be drug tested on a regular basis because of suspicious behavior. Her boyfriend Jorge Arceo is a long time meth user, in and out of jail. Heather is displaying behavior consistent with methamphetamine use including constant sniffing, rapid weight loss, anger, paranoia, constant lying and looks haggard. The family found out that in June of 2015 Heather reported to the Sheriff’s Department that Jorge Arceo took Violet’s bank card and used it to make purchases. Heather knew he did it, yet dropped the charges. At the time Jorge was living in Violet’s house with Heather.

Heather has been telling family members she hasn’t received any money from the Payee. Now Heather has started a new scam. She has been calling her Aunt asking for money, claiming there’s no food in the house, and that she isn’t receiving any money to buy food. The Aunt has been giving her hundreds of dollars thinking she doesn’t get any money from the Payee. When in fact Heather is getting money every week. Heather is sent a $100.00 check every week to buy Violet’s food. Heather must turn in receipts for the entire $100.00 to be able to get a check the next week. Not only has Heather stolen over $102,000 from her grandmother Violet and forced her into financial ruin, she is now scamming her aunt!

When will Heather Gutierrez be held accountable for the crimes she is committing!

The family demands justice!


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