Heather’s Accomplice Jorge Arceo.

Heather Gutierrez’s boyfriend is Jorge Arceo. The Judge has ordered him to stay away from the victims home. Yet according to neighbors, he’s been there several times since that order was issued.

Jorge has a criminal history spanning 13 years. He’s been in and out of jail and prison for multiple felonies. He spent time in North Kern State Prison as well as Stanislaus County’s Public Safety Center. Some of the crimes Jorge has been convicted of are driving under the influence twice, felony possession of a controlled substance (meth),  felony domestic violence, battery on a spouse, felony burglary,  felony identity theft, escape from jail,  and theft. He has a suspended drivers license and  uses the victims address as his own. Heather Gutierrez is connected to Jorge because of 2 unwanted pregnancies that ended in abortion.

He’s worked for the 82 year old victim with Heather Gutierrez’s blessing,  multiple times in the past and taken money for jobs he did not complete. He even tried to get paid for work he didn’t do. The family does not want this convicted felon around the victim or her home and will pursue prosecution for violating the court order. Stay Away!