Heather Gutierrez: A thief that belongs behind bars.

We typically expect justice when a crime occurs. When someone we care about is the victim of a  crime we demand justice. Sometimes though all we get are deals. Sometimes these deals are made without the knowledge of the parties involved.  If you don’t have an attorney or you can’t afford an attorney the system is designed to work against you. Even when a well meaning Judge makes a mistake, there are consequences. Sometimes those consequences are siding with an attorney just to cover up the mistake, to make things ‘right’. 

In this case the victim is an 82 year old woman with dementia, and Heather Gutierrez (the perpetrator) has taken over (update) – $74,000 in cash and has forced the victim into credit card debt of over (Update)-$40,000. She used the victims credit cards as if they were her own. The victim owes $12,000 on a car Heather drove and wrecked while the car was uninsured and she didn’t even have a drivers license.

In June of 2015 Heather talked the victim into cashing out her annuity. It was over $45,000. This year the victim has to pay income tax on the money of over $9,000.

Did you know a proven thief (Heather Gutierrez) can be granted the right to live in the home and care for the person she victimized, even though Elder Abuse is a crime in this county.

With the prevalence of financial abuse against the elderly rising, many states, including California have added financial abuse to the definition of Elder abuse.  This is when someone takes advantage of an elderly person’s vulnerability or dependent condition to deprive them of their assets.

The Judge in this case recently removed Heather’s ability to handle the victims money  and placed it with a third party. It won’t be long before she figures out how to work that part of the system as well. ( Update- the third party is still waiting for receipts for the money they already gave Heather).

Heather is on food stamps ($360 a month)  even though she’s claiming to have worked for 2 years taking care of the victim while receiving public assistance. A single person on food stamps should receive roughly $190.00 a month if they don’t have an income. Heather is claiming to friends and family that she had been paying herself $1100 a month taking care of the victim while living in the home rent free. A single person making $1100 a month doesn’t qualify for food stamps. Not only has she been committing Elder Abuse, she is committing welfare fraud while spending the victims money on things like getting her nails done, shopping at Macy’s, Guess, Abercrombie and Fitch, paying her own cell phone bills, buying new tires for someones motorcycle, eating out multiple times a day, spending thousands at a Liquor Store, Victoria Secret, Vapeguyz, Underground Smoke, Legacy’s, Body trend, etc. Over $74,000…gone. All this families heirlooms…gone.

The victim in this case is her own Grandmother. An 82 year old woman diagnosed with dementia 5 years ago.

Heather Gutierrez has alienated the victim away from her 4 daughters and other family members. So much so that the victim has become hostile toward her daughters believing that they only want money and do not love or care about her. She listens in on conversations anyone has with the victim. She has instructed the victim not to answer the phone. The perpetrator (Heather) has engrained the idea that no one loves the victim except the perpetrator. Heather has isolated the victim to ensure the only person the victim can go to is Heather. The victim is completely dependent on the perpetrator, yet the Judge is allowing the perpetrator to continue to live in the victims home because the victim with dementia said she wants her to stay. The victim has been brainwashed, she has been made to believe everything the perpetrator has told her.

Heather Gutierrez has 3 children with 3 different men. Her children live with their fathers.  Except her son Austin. He has been arrested for theft, stealing a car, and driving under the influence of drugs. Austins father was a gang member that shot himself in the head playing with a gun. Heather not only condones the gang lifestyle she surrounds herself with gang members including her own son, and his friends. Heather is known to use drugs as well.

Heather Gutierrez  doesn’t deserve her freedom while the victim suffers the consequences of her actions for the rest of her life. All the victims hard earned money is gone. Family heirlooms that should have been passed down to her daughters, are gone.  This thief should not be allowed to live in the victims home!  She belongs behind bars! We demand justice!

Heather Gutierrez is a thief that could care less that the victim is her own Grandmother that took her in when she had no where else to go.  It would certainly appear that Heather Gutierrez has no conscience.


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