Heather Gutierrez ADMITS shes a thief!

In an unexpected turn of events HEATHER GUTIERREZ has admitted to cashing out and stealing her 83 year old grandmother’s $46,000 annuity.  HEATHER GUTIERREZ admitted to the Judge in a written report from Violet’s attorney that she cashed in the annuity and spent all the money, effectively wiping out Violet’s entire life savings! In February […]

Heather Gutierrez is a thief!

As of June 2016, the tally on the money stolen from Vilot is over $102,000. Heather Gutierrez not only stole $102,000 from an 82 year old woman with dementia, she also maxed out her credit cards. One credit is maxed out at more then $14,000. Hundreds of dollars were spent at drug paraphernalia shops and […]